Farm management, accurate weather and plant disease forecasting

Create an account and enter your fields (or import as SHP or KLM)

We show you comprehensive information about the fields

Field recordkeeping made easy

Vital Fields - plan your work

Plan fieldwork efficiently

A field based weather forecast enables you to plan fieldwork at suitable weather conditions and increase operational efficiency.

Vital Fields - protect your crops

Electronic field records

Filling the fieldbook is quicker and more efficient with e-fieldbook. The fieldbook data is always accessible and is even viewable on your phone.

Vital Fields - keep track

Information about crop production

The system uses the weather forecast and the fieldbook data to forecast plant diseases.  It also tracks crop phases, cost of inputs on the field and much more.

Vital Fields

Detailed Weather Forecast

Your personal weather forecast for all your fields. We take the data from the best weather forecasters and present you a field-based estimates.

Vital Fields
Vital Fields


VitalFields provides a simple overview of what is happening in your fields, field locations and crops, work carried out and planned, harvest readiness forecast, per-hectare costs , etc.

Vital Fields
Vital Fields

Plant disease forecast

VitalFields monitors the weather and fieldwork information in your fields. Matching this information to disease forecasting models, enables us to present you with the risk level per field.  Forecasted and historical disease information is visible.

Vital Fields
Vital Fields

Electronic field records

Record and plan fieldwork with our web based crop records system. It is very easy to use and can be accessed even through a mobile device. Since it is not installed on your computer then anyone in your farm can use it and your information is always safe and backed up.

Vital Fields

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is VitalFields?

VitalFields is a modern easy to use tool for farm management, field level weather forecasting, plant disease forecasting and farm stock keeping system.

What do I need to do?

After signing up, find your fields on the map and mark them (by clicking on the farm corners).

The system will automatically start generating an accurate weather forecast for your farm. Fields can also be imported from kml or shp file. For that, follow the instructions on the page.

How much will it cost?

The subscription and using it for the first week is without charge. After that you have to buy a license, the price depending on the size of the farm. 

Does it work anywhere in the world?

Yes, but the best weather forecasting results are currently in Europe.

Where do you get the data for the weather forecast?

We consult online weather forecast services and GISmeteo. Our forecast is better in the sense that we show the weather forecast of Your fields. When using these online services directly, the information is not as accurate.

Why is your weather data better?

Since the fields are scattered around in large areas, the weather information differs from field to field. Regular weather forecast sites do not provide information for each field. However, we know where your fields are located and we can make this information visible in VitalFields system.

How long is the forecast?

We show the forecast for up to 7 days in advance. The most accurate is our shortest, 6-hour forecast. We constantly update our data.

How often do you upgrade your weather data?

Shorter forecasts are updated once per hour. Longer forecasts are updated many times during the day.

What computer/devices do I need?

VitalFields works on any computer and on any browser. No local hardware is required. VitalFields can also be viewed from a smartphone browser.

Does VitalFields have an app?

Yes, we have an app that can be downloaded for Android or iOS phone or tablet. In addition, our website is fully usable on any mobile device web browser.


Is there a Demo account?

Yes, the demo account is can be viewed by clicking on the following link: demo farm



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